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Are you interested in using Twelve Studio on a monthly basis? Memberships allow photographers and content creators to use studios at a heavily discounted rate. We also offer co-working and client meeting areas exclusively for Twelve Studio members. 

All Memberships include:

  • 25% off additional studio time

  • Access to props including seasonal items

  • 25% off events, workshops and classes 

Contact us with any questions or to sign up for a membership! 

Casual Creator 

  • 3 hours of studio time ($300 worth allowance)

  • 5 hours of co-working (exclusive to members) 

= $175 with a 3-month commitment 

= $200 month to month


Studio Regular

  • 5 hours of studio time ($500 worth allowance)

  • 10 hours of co-working (exclusive to members) 

= $300 with a 3-month commitment 

= $350 month to month

Membership Policies


Unused Hours

Any unused hours each month may not be rolled over. 



As a member of Twelve Studio, you understand that your credit card will be automatically charged each month until canceled or terminated. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must cancel at least 7 days prior to the monthly anniversary date.


Your selected membership will automatically be billed within 7 days to your credit or debit card on the monthly anniversary date for the agreed-upon membership plan. No notice of charge will be made.


We do not offer partial refunds for early membership cancellations.


Membership Guidelines 

Membership is per one single person. Groups of two or more photographers on a single membership are prohibited.


Studio Policies

All member sessions are subject to the studio policies. Twelve Studio reserves the right to cancel a membership at any time if a member does not adhere to studio policies.



All scheduling must be confirmed with Twelve Studio staff or through the booking app. No walk-ins or tours may be scheduled without notifying Twelve Studio. 


Use of Studio Spaces

Membership includes the use of the space for photography purposes only. Members may not schedule non-photography-related activities without Twelve Studio approval. This includes meetups, parties, business meetings, after-hours events, or showing the space.


Bookings that include more than 5 people must be pre-approved due to COVID-19 Restrictions.


Co-working and Client Meeting Spaces


Noise Level

We can not guarantee a noise-free work environment, expect levels of noise similar to a coffee shop. 


COVID-19 Policy

We ask that any individuals in the lobby or co-working spaces that are walking around wear a mask. If you are seated at your workspace or in a studio, it is subject to person preference. 



We reserve the right to adjust any membership policy at anytime to create a positive atmosphere and experience for all Twelve Studio members and non-members. 

Any questions about our memberships? Ready to signup?

Which membership are you interested in?

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